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ARINC Project Papers and Supplements in Development

Last Update: July 24, 2017

Process starts with an approved APIM, advances to industry strawman material, iterative drafts, and finally a mature draft reflecting industry consensus. Published ARINC Standards are available at the ARINC Standards Store.

Title APIM Contact
424-22 Draft Pending
Navigation System Database
11-005B Sam Buckwalter
Draft 1
Flight Simulator Design and Performance Data Requirements 15-201 Sam Buckwalter
618-9 Draft Pending
Air/Ground Character-Oriented Protocol Specification
17-003 Jose Godoy
Draft 1
Circulation Prior to AEEC Adoption
ACARS Protocols for Avionic End Systems
16-007A Jose Godoy
Draft 2
Datalink Ground System Standard and Interface Specification (DGSS/IS) 16-010 Jose Godoy
Draft 4
Circulation Prior to AEEC Adoption
ATS Data Link Applications over ACARS Air-Ground Network
16-007A Jose Godoy
Draft 1
Industry Guide for Component Test Development and Management 16-101 Sam Buckwalter
Draft 1
Cabin Equipment Interfaces, Part 1, Peripherals 17-009 Tom Munns
Draft 2
Cabin Equipment Interfaces, Part 9, Cabin Information Network 16-005 Tom Munns
631-8 Draft Pending
VHF Digital Link (VDL) Mode 2 Implementation Provisions
17-002 Jose Godoy
Draft 1
AOC Air-Ground Data and Message Exchange Format 11-011A Jose Godoy
Draft 1
Common Standard for Software Distribution and Loading 16-002 Scott Smith
648 Draft Pending
Guidelines for Cabin Passenger Seat Testing
15-001 Tom Munns
653P0-2 Draft Pending
Avionics Application Software, Part 0 - Overview of ARINC 653
16-009 Scott Smith
653P1-5 Draft Pending
Avionics Application Software, Part 1 - Required Services
16-009 Scott Smith
653P2-4 Draft Pending
Avionics Application Software, Part 2 - Extended Services
16-009 Scott Smith
653P3A-1 Draft Pending
Avionics Application Software, Part 3A - Conformity Test Specification for ARINC 653 Required Services
16-009 Scott Smith
653P3B Draft Pending
Avionics Application Software, Part 3B – Conformity Test Specification
16-009 Scott Smith
Draft 1
Internet Protocol Suite (IPS) for Aeronautical Safety Services - Roadmap Document 15-004 Paul Prisaznuk
661P1-7 Draft Pending
Cockpit Display System Interfaces to User
Systems, Part 1
08-004C Pete Grau
Straw 1
Cockpit Display System Interfaces to User Systems, Part 2 08-004C Pete Grau
Draft 4
Aircraft Data Network, Part 2, Ethernet Physical and Data Link Layer 12-004B Tom Munns
6xx Draft Pending
Standardization of Avionics Software Performance and Reliability Metrics
16-001 Paul Prisaznuk
702A-5 Draft Pending
Advanced Flight Management Computer System
15-005 Paul Prisaznuk
Draft 1
GNSS Sensor 16-013 Jose Godoy
743B-1 Draft Pending
Global Navigation Satellite System (GNSS) Landing System Sensor Unit (GLSSU)
16-013 Jose Godoy
Draft 1
GLSSU with VHF Data Broadcast Receiver 16-013 Jose Godoy
Draft 1
Multi-Mode Receiver (MMR) - Digital 16-013 Jose Godoy
758-4 Draft Pending
Communications Management Unit (CMU) Mark 2
17-003 Jose Godoy
Draft 2
Low-Earth Orbiting Aviation Satellite Communication System 13-011A Jose Godoy
Draft 1
Circulation Prior to AEEC Adoption
Mark 3 Aviation Satellite Communication Systems
16-003 Jose Godoy
791P1-3 Draft Pending
Mark I Aviation Ku-Band and Ka-Band Satellite Communication System, Part 1, Physical Installation and Aircraft Interfaces
16-006 Tom Munns
791P2-2 Draft Pending
Mark I Aviation Ku-Band and Ka-Band Satellite Communication System, Part 2, Electrical Interfaces and Functional Equipment Description
16-006 Tom Munns
Draft 1
Second-Generation Ku-Band and Ka-Band Aeronautical Mobile Satellite Earth Stations 14-007 Tom Munns
Draft 3
Cabin Connectors and Cables, Part 2, Connectors, Contacts, and Backshells 13-014B Tom Munns
803-4 Draft Pending
Fiber Optic Design Guidelines
12-004C Scott Smith
804-2 Draft Pending
Fiber Optic Active Device Specification
12-004C Scott Smith
805-5 Draft Pending
Fiber Optic Test Procedures
13-009 Scott Smith
806-6 Draft Pending
Fiber Optic Installation and Maintenance
13-009 Scott Smith
807-4 Draft Pending
Fiber Optic Training
13-009 Scott Smith
809-4 Draft Pending
3GCN - Seat Distribution System
16-005 Tom Munns
812AP1-2 Draft Pending
Standard Data Interface for GAIN Equipment, Part 1, CAN Communications
17-007 Tom Munns
812AP2-1 Draft Pending
Standard Interfaces for GAIN Equipment, Part 2, CAN Communications, Verification, and System Test Guidance
17-007 Tom Munns
Draft 1
Embedded Interchange Format for Terrain Databases 12-006 Pete Grau
Draft 1
Extensible Markup Language (XML) Encoding and Compression Standard 12-007 Pete Grau
Draft 2
Embedded Interchange Format For Obstacle Databases 12-006 Pete Grau
Draft 1
Cabin Architecture for Wireless Distribution System 14-001 Tom Munns
825-4 Draft Pending
General Standardization of CAN (Controller Area Network) Bus Protocol for Airborne Use
13-004C Tom Munns
Draft 2
Circulation Prior to AEEC Adoption
Aircraft Data Interface Function (ADIF)
11-012C Pete Grau
Draft 2
Cabin Standard Enclosure 08-011B Tom Munns
840-3 Draft Pending
Electronic Flight Bag (EFB) Application Control Interface (ACI) Standard
17-006 Pete Grau
Draft 2
Guidance for Use of Digital Certificates 16-004 Vanessa Mastros
Draft 1
Fiber Optic Interfaces using Mechanical Transfer Technology 13-009 Scott Smith
Draft 2
Secure Broadband IP Air-Ground Interface 16-014 Vanessa Mastros
854 Draft Pending
Cabin Equipment Network Bus
16-011 Tom Munns
8xx Draft Pending
Roadmap to IPv6
17-001 Vanessa Mastros
8xx Draft Pending
Autonomous Distress Technology
17-004 Pete Grau
8xx Draft Pending
Timely Recovery of Flight Data
17-005 Pete Grau
8xx Draft Pending
Ground System Definition for eEnabled Aircraft
16-015 Scott Smith

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