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Aircraft Support Data Management (ASDM) Working Group

Last Update: June 27, 2017

Chairman: Selcuk Yigit – Delta Airlines
APIM 14-102: Loading and Management of Non-Core DATA (LM-NCD) (pdf, 177K)

Goal: The Standards Activity will develop standard airline-industry guidance to manage upload, verification, and activation of non-core data. This content is media, applications, scripts that are not subject to the field-loadable software regulations and procedures. In general, this content does not affect the core function or operation of on-board systems, require supplier formal acceptance test or configuration control, reside within the onboard loadable software control system or IPC (Illustrated Parts Catalog ), or require aircraft paperwork or technician touch labor to install.

Non-core data are important to the operators because they can directly affect the passenger experience. These items can be transient, that is, be loaded quickly to provide a targeted message and are often quickly removed and replaced with new data.

Currently, non-core data can be loaded directly to an aircraft without intervention by a technician on the ground and without standard guidance for consideration in the airlines’ software configuration control processes. Operators need to establish maintenance and quality control instructions through negotiations with the data provider and the system suppliers.

The scope of this activity is to identify applicable non-core data that will be considered and to establish guidance and best practices for managing and documenting the upload, verification, and activation of the applicable data. The goal is consistent procedures throughout an operator’s fleet and among applicable operators, system suppliers, and data providers.

The following issues will be addressed in this project:

  • Identify Applicable Non-Core Data, e.g.,
    • Daily or weekly ad content added to IFE
    • Promotional and seasonal upgrades to customer web portals
    • Added content for new languages
    • Service upgrades on phone or internet ground networks
  • Standardize definition and documentation of data loads
    • Define the data load or new changes
    • Generate change/load package documentation
    • Review and approve the change package
    • Planning to implement the change out to the fleet
    • Validate that the new load works as planned
  • Standard Guidance
    • Define scope of changes
    • Define responsibilities
    • Configuration control
    • Aircraft or ground network load procedures
    • Validation procedures
    • Reversion or “undo” procedures if necessary

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Aircraft Support Data Management (ASDM) Working Group
November 16-17, 2016, in Melbourne, Florida

Staff Contact

Tom Munns