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Field Loadable Software (FLS) Working Group

Last Update: July 6, 2017

Chairman: Rod Gates - American Airlines
Chariman: Ted Patmore - Delta

APIM 15-102: Field Loadable Software (pdf, 93K)

This project will update ARINC Report 667: Guidelines for the Management of Field Loadable Software. The effort will:

  • Coordinate with all stakeholders involved with software intensive aircraft
  • Enhance airplane software distribution, loading, configuration control, and management
  • Revisions to the standard driven by revision and creation of peripheral and related standards (ARINC 615A, 615-4, 664, 665, 666, and 827)

Updates to ARINC 667, although driven by interests and designs of newer airplane programs, will accommodate both new and current airplane programs. ARINC 667-1 served well defining theory and methods for media-less distribution of airplane software. However, current specifications require modification to meet contemporary and future industry needs. The resulting supplement to ARINC Report 667 will address these issues and include material on e-enabled aircraft.

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Field Loadable Software (FLS) Working Group
February 27-28, 2017, in Portland, Oregon

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Scott Smith