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2017 FSEMC Discussion Item Form

Submission Deadline: July 7, 2017
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ATA 115- Flight Simulator Systems
1 Electrical Power
2 Host Computer and Peripherals
3 Interface
4 Instructor Station
5 Support Infrastructure

ATA 116 - Flight Simulator Cueing Systems
1 Motion and Control Loading
2 Visual
3 Sound/Smoke
4 Avionics

1 Product Support
2 Data and Simulation
3 Standards/Training
4 Regulatory/QTG
5 Other Training Devices
6 Miscellaneous

Sub-System Name:

Simulator Manufacturer/Vendor Part Number:

Simulator Manufacturer/Vendor Name:

Year of Manufacture:

Aircraft Type:


Resolving this problem will:*

Prevent simulator interruptions/downtime
Possibly prevent downtime
Improve Performance
Provide information
Reduce workload (maintenance or operation)
Reduce costs (acquisition or operation)
Resolve obsolescence problems

Supporting discussion item information:

Has this item already been discussed with the supplier?
Is this problem repeatable?
Is this an intermittent problem?

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Sam Buckwalter
FSEMC Executive Secretary